Ab workouts

Hard Crunch
Lie on your back on a mat or padded carpet with your knees partially bent, feet flat on the floor, arms folded across your chest (least intense). Be sure the feet are not too near your buttocks. Exhale as you press the lower back into the floor and begin to raise your head, shoulders and chest off the floor in one unit, concentrating on curling the ribs towards the hips. Pause briefly as you feel your abdominal muscles contract - HARD. The movement need only be a few inches. Inhale and slowly curl back down, trying not to let your head and shoulders rest on the floor, maintaining some tension in the core for the entire set. Squeeze (contract) the abs hard every rep. Repeat to muscle fatigue. 

Lie on your back on a mat or padded carpet with knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Press the low back into the floor, engaging the abdominal muscles, as you put both hands behind your head (don't pull on the head). Bring the right elbow over to the left knee, and then bring the left elbow over to the right knee in a twisting, bicycle-pedal motion. Continue to breathe naturally. Alternate opposite elbow to opposite knee with hands interlaced behind the head in a slow and controlled manner to muscle fatigue, with full extension of the legs on every repetition. 

Vertical Leg Crunch
Lie on your back and extend the legs up with the knees slightly bent.Contract your abs and raise up until your shoulder blades leave the floor.Keep up your chin ;don't pull on your neck.Keep your legs in a fixed position.Lift your torso toward your knees.Lower and repeat 12-16 times.

Single Leg Bridge Exercise
1. Lie down with one leg bent, foot flat on the floor, the other leg straight.
2. Tighten abdominals and lift straight leg an inch or two off the floor. The bent leg will now carry your body weight.
3. Push hips up by pressing hard on the floor with the foot of the bent leg, and by squeezing the buttocks and back of the thighs. Do not lift the straight leg but allow it to be pulled up together with the hips.
4. Hold for eight slow counts. Breathe continuously.
5. Slowly lower to the floor. Repeat with the other leg.

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